Retailer Owning Tech vs Using Third Party: Why you should leverage your own Monetization Technology

Wednesday | May 19, 2021
3:00 PM ET

Retail Media has taken off as more and more retailers realize that site monetization can provide a significant stream of revenue. Anyone who has worked in retail media knows that this stream of revenue takes a lot of work and that despite a competitive market of third-party enablers, there remains a great deal of inefficiency.

In NYKG’s second installation of 2021, Crealytics CEO Andreas Reiffen speaks with Wayfair’s Doug Mitchell (General Manager, Media) about how Wayfair has achieved tremendous success in retail media while cutting out a great deal of inefficiency. One critical part of their success is that Wayfair owns their own monetization technology.

Attendees of this conversation will walk away with concrete insights about:

  • Why owning monetization technology is key to scaling a successful retail media program
  • What retail media teams should look for in a technology partner
  • Which flexibilities result from owning monetization technology


Doug Mitchell
General Manager, Media at Wayfair

Doug Mitchell is an Entrepreneur and General Manager, Media at Wayfair. Before becoming General Manager at Wayfair, Doug co-founded and was CEO of a successful marketing technology company called OfferLogic that was acquired by Rokt in 2019. At Wayfair, Doug integrated and developed a custom-made Sponsored Products solution, which gave Wayfair full control over features and functions to help suppliers drive performance and multiply site monetization revenues. Doug joins us to explain how Wayfair owning its own tech has enabled the company to establish one of the industry’s most successful retail media programs.

Andreas Reiffen
CEO & Founder, Crealytics

Andreas Reiffen is a thought leader in data-driven advertising. His award-winning company, Crealytics, works exclusively in the retail sector, and offers a balanced focus on customer acquisition and site monetization. Andreas is a regular speaker at industry events worldwide. He founded NY KnowGO in 2018 to help open up discussion for brands and retailers.


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