NYKG's Retail Media Roundup: The Best Things You'll Read This Week - 07/26/19

By Nikolai Lien


August 14, 2019

"Retail Sites Are Becoming Some of the Most Valuable Real Estate in Digital Advertising"

What we learned:

In the U.S., Amazon’s retail media revenues will grow by 53% this year, reaching $11 billion - around 9% of the country's digital ad spend. Read the full report here!

"Target wants to build a media business to rival Amazon"

What we learned:

In April this year, Digiday surveyed 71 media buyers in order to discover which retailers they were buying ads from. The results showed that after Amazon - which leads the way -Walmart led the "best of the rest," followed by eBay, Target and then Kroger. Read the full article here.

The Platform Economy
(The Innovator, via Medium)

What we learned:

Did you know that seven of the world's most valuable companies globally are now based on a platform business model?

"More than 30% of global economic activity — some $60 trillion — could be mediated by digital platforms in six years’ time, according to a McKinsey research report, and yet experts estimate only 3% of established companies have adopted an effective platform strategy.”

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