NYKG's Retail Media Roundup: The Best Things You'll Read This Week

By Nikolai Lien


September 18, 2019

The Rise of Retailer- and Brand-Operated Marketplaces
From eMarketer

“Retailers are launching their own marketplaces to fill in the gaps in product assortment,reduce the risk and cost of taking on inventory, offload shipping costs, and to strengthen relationships with suppliers.”

What we learned

Using marketplaces helps sellers to expand their presence. However, many manufacturers and distributors face a double-edged sword. Competitive threats on a marketplace can nullify any increased reach. As a result, both retailers and brands are taking matters into their own hands by launching their own.

Read the full article here

A Slippery Slope: Amazon wants to control third-party sellers’ product pricing
Modern Retail

"Amazon is smart and they know when your — for lack of a better word, addiction — to Amazon increases. Once Amazon is 20% of your business, it starts to claw back that profitability.”

What we learned

Amazon has rolled out a new selling format for brands in its third-party marketplace that lets sellers submit products to be priced by Amazon’s algorithm. Unsurprisingly, the move has met with some skepticism.

Read the full article here.

"Billion-dollar baby: How Carter’s became a staple of just about every child’s wardrobe"
The Washington Post

“While its competitors are crumbling, the 154-year-old retailer has had 30 consecutive years of growth”

What we learned

Despite a number of horror stories surrounding other children’s stores, historic retailer Carter’s continues to expand. Much of this comes down to a savvy strategy. In addition to 1,600 of its own stores and outlets, Carter’s has exclusive lines at Walmart, Target and Amazon. It owes much of its recent success to a shrewd deal it forged with Target in the early 2000s – followed by similar arrangements with the others. Its three biggest competitors referenced above are now its largest customers.

Read the full article here.

"Amazon uses Prime Day 2019 to try to win in fashion"

"Ahead of Prime Day this year, Amazon was pushing deals for as much as 50% off leggings, accessories and more..."

What we learned

Amazon used this summer’s Prime Day to muscle in on fashion deals. The sector represents huge potential for the platform – with valuations of around $1 trillion globally. Amazon hopes to expand its market share as other apparel retailers struggle.Its experiments in this new initiative included pairing up with uber-fashion influencer Arielle Charnas.  

Read the full article here.

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